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Business Law Practice

Business Law Practice

The Marsalese Law Group represents a wide range of commercial clients, from publicly traded companies to privately held corporations to start-up enterprises. We take a pragmatic business approach to all of our clients’ business issues.

We advise business ventures from the conception of an enterprise through all the stages of growth from start-up to its ultimate exit strategy. The attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group are uniquely qualified in the specialized corporate and securities law boutique providing clients with strategic legal services ranging from emerging companies and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, we represent clients in commercial litigation matters. In the event that litigation is required, we counsel our clients to prepare for potential legal and business risks while aggressively pressing our clients’ claims, in court or through alternative dispute resolution.

Corporate and Business Practice

The Marsalese Law Group has a very active corporate and transactional practice. We have represented corporations, directors, officers and shareholders in various types of matters, including derivative suits alleging breaches of fiduciary duty, contests for corporate control, corporate opportunity cases, stock appraisals, and other transactions. The Marsalese Law Group regularly provides clients legal opinions relative to business related issues.

Commercial Litigation

At the Marsalese Law Group, we represent individual and business clients in civil litigation in federal and state trials and appellate courts throughout the United States as well as before various federal and state administrative agencies. At the Marsalese Law Group, we have appeared in cases across the state and throughout the country litigating a wide variety of commercial issues. We approach each matter with the same dedication to our client’s objectives and provide counseling before, during and after the litigation to help our clients make reasonable and informed business decisions. At the Marsalese Law Group, we are both trial attorneys and litigators.

Our diverse practice runs the gamut from complex commercial litigation to securities arbitration to trust administration proceedings. Since 1988, Michael P. Marsalese has been a Panel Member for the AAA, NASD, NYSE and other ADR providers. The Marsalese Law Group also represents clients in alternative dispute resolution proceedings and work with them to develop innovative alternatives to litigation.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we provide our diverse client base, with a full range of expertise and experience. For instance, we have uniquely qualified litigation expertise, including virtually all types of securities driven litigation, class actions, minority shareholder and oppressive actions. Business litigation handled by the Marsalese Law Group includes general contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, white-collar crimes, business break-ups & dissolutions, emerging technologies as well as trust and estate litigation.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we utilize technology for litigation case support and management. Our technological resources enable us to serve our client’s needs more effectively and efficiently.

Business and Commercial Real EstateTransactions

At the Marsalese Law Group, our commercial transactional practice develops, negotiates and facilitates our client’s business objectives. The Marsalese Law Group provides reasoned, experienced consultation and advice to assist our clients make informed business decisions. The Firm proffers innovative techniques when conventional methods fail. At our clients’ request, we negotiate a transaction to maximize our client’s advantage and methodically draft documents that accurately memorialize the transaction in hopes of avoiding future disputes and litigation.

For information on how the Marsalese Law Group can provide professional, effective, and efficient legal advice, contact us anytime at 586-915-2184 or

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