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Advising Startups 

Advising Startups

The State of Michigan is swiftly becoming the home to some of the most significant and dynamic technology companies in the country. Detroit is fastly becoming the next major Tech Hub. The high cost and over-saturation of Silicon Valley has caused many entrepreneurs to set up shop elsewhere. Michigan’s up and coming tech startup scene is an intriguing option. Michigan’s cutting edge crowdfunding legislation, Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE), allows small businesses to raise capital by reaching out to Michigan residents to invest in their companies. With this law, Michigan became the leader of a growing number of states to take advantage of an intrastate exemption to federal securities laws. The Marsalese Law Group has been at the forefront of this movement.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we are qualified with over 29 years’ experience, advising and counseling entrepreneurs, early stage and startup businesses, from a concept on a napkin to a product in beta to advising on choice of entity, capitalization and financing structure (seed financings, venture capital financings, and private placement offerings). The Marsalese Law Group is a business minded law firm that understands not only the legal hurdles that face entrepreneurs and newly formed businesses but also the other obstacles that have to be overcome.

Whether your company is starting out based upon a new business model or one designed to take advantage of the possibilities of converging technologies, the Marsalese Law Group can manage and handle all your legal needs.

The attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group understand start-up and early stage issues and not just the legalese, but also the pragmatic business approach to those issues. the Marsalese Law Group sits at the center of most every large and obscurely small decision of its clients, whether it involves intellectual property, mergers, acquisitions, capitalization, financing, private placements, and negotiation of contracts.

Emerging businesses often have legal needs that even the most sophisticated entrepreneurs can’t anticipate. The attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group understand their client’s needs – legal, business and financial – from day one and offer top-level services across the spectrum of your legal, business and financial needs to their clients.

The Marsalese Law Group is organized around the needs of growing businesses. We provide legal counsel to clients on a wide range of corporate issues that entrepreneurs and startups will typically encounter in the early stages; 1) Corporate Formation, 2) Financing, 3) Website/Customer Agreements, and 4) Day-to-Day Legal (vendor agreements, employment issues, industry regulation, M&A and threatened litigation, etc.).

The Marsalese Law Group represents a wide range of commercial clients, from start-up enterprises to privately held corporations to publicly traded companies. The attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group take a pragmatic business approach to all of their clients’ business issues. From the conception of an enterprise to its ultimate exit strategy, the Marsalese Law Group assist its clients to structure their businesses and provide counsel on for the life of the business.

Emerging companies face unique and often intricate legal and business issues – some of which can come back to haunt a startup company if not addressed prudently and properly in the early stages of the new company. These issues include the choice of organizational entity to sophisticated joint venture to merger and acquisitions. The Marsalese Law Group serves growing companies throughout their life cycles.

Early stage and startup businesses litigation handled by the Marsalese Law Group includes contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, white-collar crimes, business break-ups & dissolutions and emerging technologies. If a contract dispute arises, the Marsalese Law Group works to resolve such disputes outside of the court system. If litigation becomes inevitable, the attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group have represented early stage and startup businesses in civil litigation in federal and state trials and appellate courts throughout the United States as well as before various federal and state administrative agencies.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a start-up business. On the one hand, there is pressure to apply it toward funding critical operational areas. On the other, the cost of legal missteps can far exceed the cash savings resulting from foregoing a timely consultation with an experienced business attorney. At the Marsalese Law Group, we consult with entrepreneurs on issues that impose substantial risk of liability.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we recognized that a start-up business’s long-term viability might be jeopardized when it forgoes legal assistance on fundamental business matters including financing transactions to development to distribution and licensing agreements.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we counsel established and emerging businesses on general corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, compliance with securities regulations, and issues involving venture capital funding. We have extensive experience in advising and counseling entrepreneurs and startups on issues of importance, such as:

  • Choice of business entity to be formed

  • Capitalization and financing structure (Seed & Venture Capital and Private placement offerings)

  • Equity allocation (stock options, incentive agreement)

  • Merger and acquisitions

  • Joint ventures

  • Intellectual property rights (licensing & developmental patents)

  • Contracts and manuals

The attorneys at the Marsalese Law Group strive to provide the highest value in experienced legal services to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. We are a startup law firm, here to guide the entrepreneur and startup companies on matters including incorporation, seed financings, and other growth transactions critical to the success of their venture.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we have comprehensive experience in drafting contracts for early stage and startup businesses, including:

  • Shareholder, Member and Partnership Agreements

  • Nondisclosure – Confidentiality Agreements

  • Non-Competition agreements

  • Stock Purchase Agreements

  • Bylaws & Operating Agreements

  • Design & Developmental Agreements

  • Technology and Invention Assignment Agreements

  • Employment and Compensation Agreements

  • Client/customer contracts

  • Consulting and Joint Venture Agreements

  • Licensing and Royalty Agreements

  • Financing Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

From the conception of an enterprise to its ultimate exit strategy, the Marsalese Law Group assist its clients to structure their businesses and provide counsel on acquisitions, financing, contracts, debt collection, and business opportunities.

At the Marsalese Law Group, we represent startup companies through all phases of their development; developing their market strategies, assess their business models, product development and sales strategies, assisting entrepreneurs on their choice of business entity, capitalization, financing, intellectual property protection and negotiation of contracts. At the Marsalese Law Group, we assist entrepreneurs navigate the legal minefield from early ideas to feasible businesses capable of attracting investment capital.

For information on how the Marsalese Law Group can provide professional, effective, and efficient legal advice, contact us anytime at 586-915-2184 or

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